Sweetness and Light


It is hard to beat a girly catch up with old friends. Tonight my sister Gail and I caught up with our gal pals Clare and Valerie. You know how you have those friends that you haven’t seen for ages but when you do meet up, it is as if no time has passed? Well, these are those friends.

The venue for our catch up was the perfectly sweet Miel et Moi on Belfast’s Lisburn Road, Northern Ireland’s first licensed patisserie and café bar. The interior is bright, colourful and showcases a plethora of the delectable treats on offer, this is quite simply heaven on earth.

As well as cakes galore, Miel et Moi also offer a mouth-watering selection of starters and main courses. However, after seeing what sweets were available, I decided to skip a starter and go for a main (to be civilised) and dessert. From salmon to fillet of beef, there was plenty to whet the appetite but I couldn’t say no to the pan seared chicken breast with charred asparagus, squash puree and chorizo spring onion potato cake; trust me, it was as good as it sounds.

Over food we had a long over due catch up. From upcoming nuptials, tiny humans and work, it was lovely to find out what everyone was up too.

As if that was not fun enough, it was time to pick a dessert. After all four of us spent an age drooling over the display cases, we decided to pick a dessert each and then share them so we could sample each one. With a selection of chocolate brownie, red velvet gateaux, chocolate and salted caramel torte, and chocolate gateaux, we could hardly contain our excitement. It is a fab feeling when something lives up to expectation and this was certainly the case with the patisseries on offer at Miel et Moi. Each one was crafted to perfection and amazingly tasted even better that they looked. For a girl with a sweet tooth, and trust me I have a real sweet tooth, I could not have been happier!

After agreeing we were all going home to put on our seriously elasticated pyjamas to accommodate our stuffed tummies, it was time to call it an evening. After superb food with fabulous company, I am sure of two things: girly catch ups need to become a more regular occurrence and that a return trip to Miel et Moi is a definite!

Posted 24/05/2016


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