Time For A Tea Party

Time for tea (and Prosecco), left-right: Bronagh, Gemma, Kellie and Gail

In case you didn’t realise, I am a huge fan of afternoon tea. I keep this passion for finger sandwiches, scones and sweet treats a secret (ahem) but my lovely desk buddy Gemma and work wife Bronagh rumbled me and along with my sister and high-tea partner in crime, Gail, they treated me to the ultimate gift for my birthday: afternoon tea at Ten Square, Belfast.

When we arrived yesterday, we were shown to our table and offered the option of a cocktail, mocktail or freshly brewed tea to kick of proceedings. Gail and I love a bit of fizz so we opted for a chilled glass of Prosecco, whilst Bronagh and Gemma selected the Thompson’s tea, which was served in the most adorable tea pots.

When the three tiered stand was served, fully loaded with all kinds of delectable offerings, it was very clear we wouldn’t be going home hungry – especially as the afternoon tea was also accompanied with a portion of chips drizzled with truffle oil.

After some beautifully cooked chips it was time to tuck into the finger sandwiches. There was salmon, ham and chicken on offer. Unfortunately no one in our party was a fan of salmon so these remained untouched, however the ham and chicken selection was devoured in a flash. Next up was the scones, which were served with dainty pots of jam and lashings of cream. I sampled the cherry scones and although I am not generally a fan of cherry these were beautiful; light, fresh and oh so delicious. The final level of this heavenly experience was all the sweet treats you can imagine. We were spoilt with mini lemon meringues; delicate cups filled with a tart and tangy lemon posset; white chocolate profiteroles; chocolate truffle balls; and my personal favourite, mini dark chocolate tortes.

By the time we were finished, I think it’s safe to say we were all fit to burst. I thoroughly enjoyed Ten Square’s afternoon tea: the food was of a very high standard, there was a brilliant selection on offer and it is very reasonably priced. This is also the only afternoon tea I have ever tried that is served with chips. I love this element as the savoury chips were the perfect antidote if you felt yourself veering towards sugar overload. Ten Square is a beautiful location and coupled with very professional and accommodating staff (our waitress was only too happy to snap a picture for us even though it was busy in the restaurant), this is an ideal spot to relax and treat yourself to all things delicious. However, what really made the experience for me was the fabulous company! Thank you Gemma, Bronagh and Gail for such a perfect afternoon.

Posted: 3/7/2016



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