Piece of Cake


My oldest friends; Helen, Heather and Suzan, as well as my sister Gail and I, used to enjoy regular ‘Chicken & Cocktail’ nights. These consisted of happy hour cocktails in Madison’s, Botanic Avenue, followed by chicken and chips in Country Fried Chicken. However, when tiny humans began to arrive, these evening’s weren’t the most practical. So after a bit of a rebrand, these gatherings evolved into ‘Ladies Who Lunch’. We take turns at hosting lunch at our houses and each person brings a dish along with them to our designated meeting spot.

Tomorrow is our latest Ladies Who Lunch event and I am in charge of dessert. I don’t have the biggest culinary repertoire on the go but one of the dishes I have mastered is Lorraine Pascal’s Oreo Brownies. I am a fan of all things chocolate; if this is then combined with Oreos, well then I am just in sugar heaven.

After a long day at work, I was honestly looking forward to a bit of baking. I stocked up on all the ingredients I didn’t have in the house, including eggs, dark chocolate, Oreos and brown sugar. Oh, and a bottle of red wine – not for the brownies but just for a reward after all the hard work.

Once I had all I needed, it was time to get started. After melting butter with the dark chocolate, I whisked eggs and yolks until light and fluffy. I then whisked in sugar, then the melted chocolate and butter before stirring in flour, drinking chocolate and a third of the Oreos. Once ready, I poured the mixture into a lined baking dish before pouring the remaining Oreos on top. The only thing left to do was put them in the oven.

After 30 minutes it was the moment of truth; crunchy on top and gooey in the middle, the brownies were definitely ready. Of course a taste test had to be carried out and so, paired with a fine red wine, well Tesco says it’s their finest, it was time to tuck in. Still slightly warm and melting in the middle, I was pleased with the result. However, after letting the husband sample them too, I have a feeling I am going to have to smuggle them out of the house tomorrow like a ninja before he polishes the rest off!

If you fancy making your own, you can get the recipe at:


Posted: 15/07/2016





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