Happy Birthday Limelight

The Limelight is one of my favourite venues in Belfast; from the regular AAA Saturday club night to gigs from the likes of Oasis, The Undertones, Joe Strummer and the Dandy Warhols, to name only a few, it has been bringing a fab mix of music to the city for years. I started going to the Limelight when I was at uni and since then I have have made so many great memories from nights out spent there. I have even celebrated my birthday there, on more than one occasion, and it seemed only fitting to head there last night to celebrate the venue’s own birthday; it is now 31 years old and going as strong as ever.

If you haven’t been before, the Limelight is a complex made up of three rooms; Limelight 1, Limelight 2 and Katy’s Bar. On a Saturday night, the music is different in each space. Limelight 1 is home to house, pop and hip hop; Limelight 2 (and my favourite) plays a mix of rock, indie and metal; and Katy’s which is a mix bag of treats with a DJ more than happy to play requests. Once in the door you can go between the three rooms and so you are sure to find something you like.

When we arrived last night, we were delighted to receive a voucher for a complimentary drink at the door to marks the occasion. With a Jameson and Ginger in hand, we made our way to Limelight 1. There was already a good crowd even though it was still early in the night; it was clear many of the city’s revellers wanted to toast the Limelight’s birthday. 

What I love most about this club is that there is no pretenses; everyone is welcome, even when they are one of oldest in crowd and clearly clinging to their youth with a death grip, like myself these days. That, and the music. With a super selection which incudes classics, songs that bring me back to uni days as well as new hits, I always have a brilliant night dancing it out with my besties.

So, here’s to the Limelight and 31 fabulous years of bringing music to the music lovers of Northern Ireland – happy birthday!

Posted: 24/07/2016


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