Treat Your Feet

Prosecco and pamper

I neglect my feet. I put them through a lot: walking to work, standing at concerts, dancing at … well everywhere, not to mention clumsily stubbing toes, kicking curbs and dropping things on them. So for my birthday a few months back I was delighted when my wee bro, Alan, bought me a voucher for a pedicure at Bronze Tanning & Beauty, on the Castlereagh Road in Belfast. 

After lots of standing at Tennents Vital on Thursday, last night seemed the ideal time to redeem my voucher. As my sister is a regular at this salon, she also booked in for a treatment,  so we made a bit of a sisters’ pamper evening out of it. 

My therapist for the pedicure was the lovely Nichola who was so welcoming, friendly and professional. After getting me settled, with a glass of chilled Prosecco might I add, it was time to unwind. The first step to beautiful feet was a softening soak in Bronze’s amazing massaging pedicure chair. Whilst I got all the knots out of my back Nichola applied a scrub to my feet before getting me to soak them once more. Next was a foot massage with soothing moisturiser; I know it’s not for everyone but I adore having my feet massaged and in Nichola’s expert hands, this was by far my favourite part of the treatment. After feeling totally blissed out, it was time to shape and polish my toe nails: I picked a dark glittery blue which shimmers beautifully when it catches the light. The final step was to wait for the polish to dry whilst finishing my Prosecco.

After an hour of pure relaxation my treatment was complete. My feet felt super soft, my toenails looked fab and I felt so chilled. I will definitely be back to Bronze next time I decide to treat my feet – not only are the staff fantastic, but I need that massage chair in my life! This really was the perfect start to my weekend. 

The final result of my pedicure – and sorry about the close up of my feet!

Posted 27/08/2016


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