Have Your Cake

I have never made a birthday cake. I have only made one cake in my 30+ years and that was an easter cake during Home Economics in secondary school. Things turned out well; firstly it was jam packed with chocolate, from the sponge to the sweet frosting. Secondly I had super cute decorations: fluffy chicks and mini eggs in every shade under the rainbow. After mixing my ingredients, pouring the batter into cake tins and waiting the required amount of time, the heavenly aroma wafting from the oven informed me my cake was done. However, whilst all my classmates turned out fluffy and succulent sponges, what awaited me was two glorified pancakes: I forgot the baking powder. After sandwiching the two halves together and smothering it with my colourful decorations, my flat cake was done. Whilst it was only half the height of everyone else’s, I like to think it was like myself: fun sized. And once I got over my disappointment and sampled it, it still tasted pretty damn good. Although I now leave the cake baking to the experts, the morale of my pancake cake is that although something doesn’t live up to your initial expectations, it might surprise you how much you still enjoy it in the long run.

Pabs the Pug, what can happen when the cake baking is left to the experts – in this instance, Asda.

Posted: 05/09/2016


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