Music Matters 

Jimmy Eat World at the Limelight 1

Anyone who has visited the blog might have noticed I love music. Last week I had a jam packed week with three gigs pencilled into the diary. First on the agenda were my university heroes, Jimmy Eat World. After battling through torrential rain, and a lovely dinner in RGB, my big sis and I made it to the Limelight 1. We bypassed the horrendous queue of drenched people wanting to deposit their soggy coats into the cloakroom to make our way as close to the stage as possible. Position secured, it was not long before the band took to the stage. Jimmy Eat World, who have been rocking out for 20 years, played a selection of songs from across the years, including their latest album, Integrity Blues. I loved every single song they played, from the beautiful ‘You Are Free’ to the haunting ‘Work’; the crowd danced, sang and generally had an awesome time. I personally am a Bleed American girl and so I was in my absolute element when they played ‘Salt Sweat Sugar’, ‘If You Don’t, Don’t’ and the raucous encore track ‘The Middle’. Jimmy Eat World are my nostalgia band, I have seen them three times now, the first being – wait for it – 15 years ago! Lead singer Jim Adkins and the rest of the band have not lost their enthusiasm or passion after all these years. It is very obvious they hold their fans in high regard. A Jimmy Eat World concert feels very much like a night with old friends; I can’t wait for our next catch up.
My second gig of the week was the mighty Ash celebrating being awarded the Oh Yeah Legend Awards as well as marking the 20th anniversary of their album 1977. This epic gig also celebrated the NI Music Award, with the winner being announced on the night. To read the full blog on this gig, click here.

My final gig was in the shape of California rockers, Ugly Kid Joe. As a young teen I adored the rebellious nature of ‘Everything About You’ and when I was older, and I met my husband before he was my husband, I joked that this song reminded me of him, and so I was super excited to hear this performed live, once again in the confines of the intimate Limelight 1. Unfortunately I don’t have any of the bands four albums but, as I soon discovered, I didn’t need to, to have an amazing night. Ugly Kid Joe are an amazing live band; lead singer Whitfield Crane is truly captivating and his vocal capacity is immense. The whole band interacted amazingly with the crowd, which when combined with the intimate setting, created a truly memorable night, and has left me wanting to get my hands on each and everyone of their albums. 

So, in the space of one week I got to truly revel in the music of my youth, and what can I say… it was fabulous. Not only did I feel like a teenager again, but there is something completely cathartic and unifying about singing your heart out to a song that is etched in you memory alongside a room full of strangers. It is a pure, unadulterated pleasure and right now I am away to check Ticketmaster to see when I can get my next gig fix.

Posted: 16/11/2016


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