Trolls Are Back in Town

Long before trolls were vile people searching the Internet for someone to body shame, ridicule or generally humiliate, they were the must have possession of any child growing up in the 80s and early 90s.

I was addicted to these smiley, cotton candy haired, creatures. I found a diary from my childhood recently were I wrote of my ridiculous happiness about a birthday were every gift was Troll themed. From a plastic yellow ring, adorned with a pink haired Troll head (sounds creepy now), to a large bride and groom Troll (even creepier), I really had quite the collection. 

My obsession with the Trolls however came to a head when I decided to set the tape to record a film called Troll. I still remember my horror when instead of a movie about the loveable Trolls I collected, it was about Tovack the Troll, who, to get his life back as a wizard, possesses a young girl. I can not tell you if it was any good as this horror film left the child me so traumatised that Trolls in general lost their appeal for me. Maybe that seemingly innocent smiling blue haired Troll by my bed was not thinking happy thoughts but was instead thinking about how he was going to possess me!

As I grew out of my Trollsession, all my toys were packed up and in a thought that would maybe Woody and Buzz horrified, I forgot about them. However, when a McDonald’s Happy Meal recently offered up a Troll pencil topper last week, I was instantly transported back to childhood. Resurrected by the new movie Trolls, voiced by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, it seems that these happy characters are back with a vengeance. And even I must admit, that purple faced, blue haired, smiling Troll, which I won’t lie, has pride of place in my now grown up desk, definitely brought a smile back to my face. 
Posted: 1/12/2016


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