It’s Beginning To Feel Like Christmas 

Left to right: Gail, Helen, Heather, Kellie (the floating head) and Suzan.

Anyone who knows me or follows the blog, knows about our Ladies Who Lunch days when my sister Gail, and besties Helen, Heather and Suzan, meet up at each other’s houses for lunch. We each bring a course and we, along with the little ladies, baby Rachel, Lucy and Ruby, who have also joined the group, eat until we can eat no more. For the festive season, however, we thought we would shake things up a bit and arrange a Ladies Christmas Dinner, were the little ones stay with their daddys and their mummys and aunties let someone else do the cooking. 

During the summer Gail and I dined in Miel et Moi on the Lisburn. The food was amazing and so when it popped up on my Twitter feed that they were doing a Christmas menu, we decided this would be the perfect place for our inaugural Ladies Christmas Dinner. And in what seems like a blink of an eye, Christmas trees are filling out windows, festive tunes are taking over the airwaves and the time for our first Christmas dinner of the season arrived last night. 

When we arrived at Miel et Moi, it was already starting to get busy. The five of us were seated at a cosy table towards the back. As we caught up on how everyone was, our waitress, the lovely Elspeth, came to take our drinks order, as well as to confirm our food order which I had pre ordered last month. Just hearing the dishes again made my mouth water. 

The atmosphere was great in the restaurant, with everyone getting into the Christmas spirit. Whilst we waited on our starters, we couldn’t resist pulling the Christmas crackers that adorned the tables. Christmas hats firmly in place, we were in the middle of telling our naff Christmas cracker jokes when the first course arrived. With options that included salmon, vegetable broth and pigeon, my starter of choice was the Chicken Caesar Salad. Bursting with chunky pieces of tender chicken, fresh and crispy lettuce and crunchy croutons, drizzled in a delicious and creamy salad dressing, this was a superb start to the meal and although the portion size was quite substantial, I did not leave a bite behind. 

After ample time to allow our starters to settle, it was time for the main course. I tend to avoid turkey and ham at Christmas dinners as I don’t want a poultry overload before the 25th and so my selection was the steak, which was served with pepper sauce and chunky chips. The dish was wonderfully presented and smelt almost as good as it tasted. Although my steak, which I had ordered medium, was cooked a tad more than my personal preference, it was succulent, juicy and a real treat for the tastebuds.

Even though I was feeling festively full, it was time for the highlight of any trip to Miel et Moi, dessert time. The patisserie changes its desserts on a daily basis and so rather than a menu, they invite you to choose your sweet of choice from the patisserie counter. With lemon meringues, black forest gateaux and chocolate mousse to name a few, this is what heaven must look like for any one, such as myself, who has a sweet tooth. I selected the chocolate and salted caramel tart; I tasted it on my previous visit and there was no way I could leave without sampling it again. It was even better than remembered with the crunchy base mixing with the rich chocolate and gooey caramel to create a decadent masterpiece that I devoured.

Clockwise from top left: Miel et Moi; the delicious Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart; the delicious Chicken Caesar Salad; the tender and juicy steak with pepper sauce.

Christmas is the time to eat, drink and be merry and I certainly kicked December off by ticking all those boxes. Miel et Moi is the perfect spot for a girls night out; with excellent service, melt in the mouth food and desserts that are on a whole new level of indulgence, it’s impossible to leave without a smile on your face. The only thing that can make good food taste even better, is great company and after a night out with my oldest friends I could not think of a better way to kick-start Christmas. Here’s to a new Ladies Lunch tradition – same time, same place, next year Ladies!

Helen, Heather and Kellie.
Suzan and Gail.



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