Family Tree

Christmas is only two weeks away and so it was about time for the festivities to get rolled out. Last night, I was home home and so I helped my parents decorate their Christmas tree. I love the process of decorating the tree, and how it changes with each new item placed on it. What I particularly love about decorating my mum and dad’s Christmas tree however, is the story it tells. And before you ask, it is not a talking Christmas tree, that would be cool and creepy all at once. Rather than uniform decorations, each ornament that has a home on their tree has a story behind it. From the glitter reindeer I was given (and LOVED) as a child, which now, even though half the glitter is missing and it has a wee bald face, still makes an annual appearance on the tree, to the Belfast City Hall bauble we bought during a family outing to the Continental Market, each item, when placed on the tree, brings back a memory. From family outings, such as a trip to the Guinness factory in Dublin to places we’ve been on our travels (from New York and San Francisco to Hong Kong and Iceland as well as Edinburgh and Berlin), my parents really have a well travelled tree. As well as documenting our travels, it also charts how we have grown and evolved, with a bauble, for example, dedicated to their first grandchild, Rachel. However when the tiny human sees the tree there is a chance that none of the baubles will survive!

Whilst a coordinated tree is gorgeous to look at, I adore that each ornament on my mum and dad’s tree is unique, and each person in the family is represented and as a result their tree tells the story of us and of who we are and where we have been. After all, Christmas is a time for family and what better way to decorate your tree than to turn it into a family tree. 

Posted: 11/12/2016


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