Elf at Fratellis 

Christmas is so close I can smell the cinnamon. To celebrate I enjoyed a night doing two of my favourite things: hanging out with the ladies and watching one of my favourite Christmas movies, Elf

The venue for our dose of Christmas cheer was Fratellis Belfast. They were offering a brilliant deal, offering a glass of wine, main course, dessert buffet and of course a screening of Elf all for £20.

Our booking was originally for four people, however one of our party fell ill (’tis the season for sneezing unfortunately). When we told our waitress this on arrival, she offered us either a starter each or a main to share and an extra glass of wine as the fourth meal was already paid for. This was a nice touch as I have been to several venues before who didn’t offer such a policy; if someone had prepaid and couldn’t make it they were not refunded and nothing extra was offered to the rest of the group even though the extra meal was paid for. 

After we ordered drinks it was time to look at the menu. We opted to have a starter each and I chose the bruchetta with garlic, tomato and mozzarella to kick thinks off. It was gorgeous, the bread was crunchy, the cheese gooey and all the flavours mixed together perfectly. For mains I was intrigued by the spiced Italian sausage linguine. The clue was in the name, this dish packed a lot of spice. It was the perfect dish to banish the cold outside. For dessert we were invited to check out the dessert buffet. Well, I have never availed of a dessert buffet before but it sounded like heaven. We were each allowed to select two desserts from a selection of mini tubs of ice cream and dainty puddings in miniature dishes. I selected the chocolate cup as well as a tub of Glastry Farm Yellow Man honeycomb ice-cream. Each dessert was beautiful, tasted fabulous and the portion sizes were just right. I have never tried Glastry Farm ice-cream before but I will definitely be sampling it again, it was creamy and bursting with flavour. 

Once our tummies were full it was time for the movie. Fratellis had portioned off a section of the restaurant off transforming it into a fun mini cinema. It was an intimate and cosy affair and you really felt that the other diners were a world away. Elf, in my opinion, is the ultimate feel good Christmas film. I have lost count of the amount of times I have watched it. I laughed, I smiled and by the time the credits rolled I was totally feeling the Christmas spirit. 

I have never attended one of Fratellis ladies nights/ movie events before, however I would love to attend another one in future. They happen pretty regularly and with sumptuous food, a welcoming decor, excellent customer service and a fantastic film in a unique setting, this is a superb way to chill out with your besties.

Posted: 16/12/2016


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