Alternative Picnic 

The amazing spread from Lynne Crowther; we were lucky Aslan didn’t devour the lot!

Last weekend I got to have a picnic with a lion! It’s not as dangerous as it sounds; the Lion in question was the Aslan sculpture at CS Lewis Square. My partners in crime for this epic adventure were fellow bloggers, Lynne Crowther of the deservedly award winning, and Lindsey of the ridiculously amazing blog  lindslikedthat

We set out on our expedition from the Dixon Playing Fields, opting to follow the signs for the CS Lewis trail along the Connswater Greenway. All was going swimmingly until we wandered onto a portion of the trail that isn’t finished and so, as we had no hard hats or swimming gear to continue over the river, we had to do a detour at Avoneil Leisure Centre. However, thanks to Lynne’s exceptional navigational knowledge we still managed to find Aslan and Co whilst we were still in one piece. 

The idea for our sunny Sunday adventure evolved from a simple walking expedition to CS Lewis Square, as Lindsey hadn’t been before, to Lynne also generously offering to bring a picnic. When we arrived Lynne unpacked all the goodies she brought, setting up base camp at the foot of Aslan. And what a spread it was! From freshly baked scones to a flavoursome chutney as well as the must have Northern Irish staple of any alfresco experience, Tayto crisps, the treats kept coming from her amazing picnic backpack; Mary Poppins and her magic bag would have had a serious run for their money. 

We dined until we were fit to burst before we decided to mark the occasion with the longest selfie session ever (CS Lewis probably wrote The Chronicles of Narnia quicker than it took me to successfully take a photo of the three of us, where we all had heads, and Aslan, instead of the neighbouring tree, which in the sunshine looked like a lion to me).

Picture taken, it was time to visit the other statues before finding The Searcher sculpture, located beside Holywood Road Library, which I missed on my last visit to the Square. After another photo session, this time enlisting the help of a passerby so that we would be done before sunset, it was time to head back. I thoroughly enjoyed our ‘alternative’ picnic; there was a blue sky, a fantastic setting, amazing food courtesy of Lynne and unbeatable company which resulted in giggles galore! I feel the start of a new tradition coming on and as spring is on its way, I have my thinking cap on trying to dream up other locations perfect for our next picnic! 

Little Burch in danger of disappearing through the Wardrobe into Narnia.

Posted: 12/02/2017


4 thoughts on “Alternative Picnic 

    1. It was a fun day, and nice to do something different. The sculptures are so nice – you can see how much work and detail went into them. There was mention of a mountain walk for the next one! That would definitely be an adventure.

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