Shining Light 

My dad is a fixer. From weird rattles in my car to the washing machine giving up the ghost, when something breaks, I phone dad. As I have got older I have learnt bits and pieces of DIY from him: I am little miss sparky when it comes to changing a fuse, can hang my own pictures and I am professional (even if I do say so myself) when it comes to anything that needs a screwdriver. However, no matter how creative I think I am with words, my dad trumps me with his creativity when it comes to physically crafting amazing pieces of art. When I got married he transformed stones that were in my wedding bouquet into earrings. He has hand turned pens for me and my family; whether it’s scrap wood or material from a whiskey barrel, he has a knack of creating a beloved keepsake. His latest foray into upcycling is remodeling empty alcohol bottles into unique lamps. The first one he gifted me was a JP Cheney wine bottle converted into a lamp and shade. Next up he filled an empty bottle of Harveys Bristol Cream sherry with fairylights to create the most magnificent, atmospheric blue light. He’s latest handiwork, which I wanted to share with you all, is a gorgeous Woodford Reserve lamp. 

The best thing about all the bits and pieces my dad has made me over the years is that each and everyone of them is not only unique but I know how much love and care went into them. Whether I am using one of my hand crafted pens or switching on one of my epically cool lamps, I am aware how lucky I am to have one of Northern Ireland’s finest artisans as my dad.

Posted: 2/3/2017


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