Time to be (Red) Nosey

I remember as a kid how excited I was when Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day rolled round each year. There was a competition in school to see who could sport the newly released Red Nose first. My friend Helen, however, was generally the leader of the pack when it came to Red Nose fashion. From the round, clown like noses from the 80s, and the intricate designs of the 90s that featured fluffy hair or hands, to my personal favourite, the red nose that stuck its tongue out when squeezed (I still find this amusing), it was amazing how much fun we got out of those little mounds of plastic. 

Whilst the reason behind Comic Relief didn’t really resonate with me then, the older I have gotten the more it packs an emotional punch. There is literally some video footage, shown either on the run up to, or on Red Nose Day itself, that I can’t watch as it honestly hurts my heart too much. This is such an amazing cause and each year, without fail, I am amazed with how generous the public are with both their time and their money when it comes to raising much needed funds for Comic Relief. As well as hosting your own fundraising event, text donations or buying a Red Nose, this year you can also support Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, and look stylish whilst doing it. 

TK Maxx has partnered with renowned UK fashion and portrait photographer, Rankin, to create the 2017 Red Nose Day T-shirt range. The collection, which is also available as coordinating pyjama sets, as well as homewear products, aprons and notebooks, feature super adorable animals. From Coco the kitten to Charlie the horse, or as I am pictured wearing, the fabulously cool, afro-wearing Jonny the goat, it’s impossible not to fail in love with these adorable, quirky and limited edition designs.

As well as looking eye-catching, at least £5 from the sale of men and women’s t-shirts and £2.50 from the children’s t-shirts is donated to Comic Relief to help people living incredibly tough lives across Africa and here in the UK – what could be better?!

If, like me, you want to be seeing ‘Red’, check out the cutting edge Rankin Red Nose collection available exclusively in TK Maxx stores now.

More information: tkmaxx.com 

Posted: 15/03/20170


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