Northern Ireland ‘Take On’ Norway

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The Logues

What do Norwegian band A-ha have in common with Little Burch? A love of Tyrone folk rock band The Logues!

As Northern Ireland prepare to ‘Take On’ Norway this Sunday in the World Cup Qualifier at Windsor Park, it seems that when it comes to the world of music, the two countries and reached a draw. The Logue’s unique cover of A-ha’s iconic ‘Take On Me’ has gone viral; it has even attracted the attention of A-ha themselves, who loved the cover so much they shared it on their Facebook page!

The original song and video for ‘Take On Me’ totally mesmerised me as a kid. Clearly I was not alone as the song has been covered by Reel Big Fish and boyband A1, whilst the video was spoofed in an episode of Family Guy. For their version of ‘Take On Me’ to garner the seal of approval from A-ha themselves is a huge coup for The Logues, who have just completed a  European tour and are riding high after being voted ‘Best Folk Album’ for Comin Of Age, their last album, in a nationwide Magazine.

Kiel Cathers, lead singer for The Logues says: “Our set list mainly consists of our own original songs, we’re an original folk rock band primarily, but we cut our teeth playing covers, and we generally throw in a few of our favourites, mostly songs that we have grown up with, but we put our own stamp on them rather than just do a copy.”

“We began playing ‘Take on Me’ when we started touring our second Album Comin’ Of Age and it always got a great reaction. We have no plans to release the song, we just put this video up on our Facebook site for the craic.

“We were totally overwhelmed when A-Ha shared our post on their Facebook and humbled by the large amount of positive comments from fans and new fans from all over the world.

“With Norway Football Team travelling to Belfast to play Northern Ireland in the World Cup qualifier, the track has taken on a bit of a life of its own, there was even been a conversations about a special pre-match performance. Unfortunately as we’re just back from Europe, and we’re heading back out to do some UK dates, it didn’t work out.”

Check out A-ha sharing the video, and the video itself here:

Posted: 23/03/2017


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