Mum’s The Word

Me with my amazing mum.

My mum is without a doubt one of my favourite people; she is fun, kind, generous, caring, honest and has the most amazing sense of humour. 
Since I was a kid I knew my mum wasn’t like a lot of other mothers: she has never embarrassed me, in fact I am pretty sure she is, and always has been, way cooler than me. My mum coloured my hair for me as a teenager; she bought me CDs of my favourite bands as well as introducing me to music from some her favourites, from T Rex to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons; she has an eye for fashion and she still always buys me and my sister gorgeous clothes, in fact I always get more compliments when I am wearing something she has bought me, rather than something I’ve picked myself. 

I moved to Belfast when I was 18 to go to university and as much as I loved going out with my friends in the city at weekends, I also loved heading home to hang out with my mum and dad. As I’ve got older I can honestly say our relationship has evolved, as well as being parent and child, my mum is genuinely one of best friends. I can talk to her about anything and whether we having a chat or dancing round the living room, she makes me laugh, without fail, until my sides, face and stomach hurt. 

My mum is my role model. Ever since I was little I have witnessed my mum caring for others; from my dad, sister and myself, to my grandparents, great uncle and neighbours, she has been a rock to so many people and is always so generous with not only her time but her heart. She has always supported me with everything I’ve set out to do with my life and she has always been there when I need advice, a shoulder to cry on or huggles! I have always said if I ever have tiny humans of my own I want to be the same kind of mother to them as my mum has been to me. I not only love her to pieces but I have 100% respect for her and I am so proud to say she’s my mum.

Today is mother’s day, and my mum bought me a bunch of flowers, that’s just the kind of thoughtful woman she is! Although I have already said it to her in person today, I such want to wish my mum, and all the other brilliant mothers out there, a happy mother’s day – although they might not tell you all the time, you are all legends to your children, trust me! 

The flowers my mum bought me for mother’s day.

Posted: 26/03/2017


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