Join the Fast & Furious Family

I am a huge fan of the Fast & Furious franchise. I remember when the original film was released in 2001, changing gears had never looked so bad ass. For someone who was learning to drive at the time, the film had me pumped with adrenalin and ready to hit the road. However, whilst the film made driving look epically cool, my chugging along in third gear was anything but. After several films in the series, and several years experience on the road for me, I finally felt it was the right time for me to put my driving skills to the test with the FF8 experience at Victoria Square. The unique green screen experience, which has been created by Universal Pictures Ireland ahead of the release of Fast & Furious 8, will be at Victoria Square for this weekend only; not only does it put you in the driving seat but it also lets you create your very own personalised #F8FeelTheSpeed video to share across your social media platforms.

I was literally first in line today to try the experience in Belfast and it was everything I hoped for. Danielle Hibbert from Clearbox Communications and the team from Universal Pictures Ireland could not have been more welcoming. I was slightly nervous before hand, but I was quickly put at ease and after a few run throughs of the script it was time to call ‘Action!’ The experience is incredibly good fun and it doesn’t take very long at all to complete. Although I now have my own personalised video of my stunt driving skills, which you can view below, I don’t think Hollywood is beckoning but at least I can say I got my 10 seconds of fame!

If you want to get into the mood for Fast & Furious 8, which opens in Irish cinemas nationwide on 12th April, get down to Victoria Square pronto and put the peddle to metal yourself! Participation is entirely free, but remember the FF8 experience is only at Victoria Square until Sunday 2 April!

Tickets for Fast & Furious 8 are available now via

Posted: 31/03/2017


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