Top of the Hill 

Parliament Buildings at Stormont Estate

I always like to try and get out and explore in some shape or form when I have a few days off, and so as it is Easter, it seemed the perfect time to visit one of the most famous buildings in Northern Ireland: Parliament Buildings at Stormont Estate. 

Although it was a public holiday and the building wasn’t open for tours, my family and I had a lovely walk around Stormont Estate which is much more than just the home of the Northern Ireland Assembly amd Executive. In addition to Parliament Buildings, it is also the location of several stautes, including the Reconciliation sculpture, which depicts a man and woman embracing across barbed wire and a 12ft bronze statue of Sir Edward Carson by L.S. Merrifield, to name a few. Additionally Stormont Estate features a number of walking/ running trails for all fitness levels, so whether you want a gentle walk or an all out park run to burn off those calorific Easter eggs, Stormont Estate, with its lush lawns and colourful bursts of flowers, offers a scenic setting to soak up the sights and sounds of the outdoors. 
Although we had to fit our visit in between rain showers, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to ‘The House on the Hill’, and whether you live in Northern Ireland or are simply just visiting, I definitely recommend checking it out; the tranquil sound of birdsong alone is enough to entice me back once the weather improves.

Posted: 17/04/2017

The statue of Sir Edward Carson

Little (and big) Burch at the House on the Hill


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