Nailed It

I love nail polish; I never get bored of changing the colour of my nails. From midnight black to graffiti glitter they have been every shade of the rainbow at one point or another. The only thing that I hate about polish is that I can spend an hour painting my nails and then chip them mere hours later. And so I was delighted when what seemed like perfect solution landed on my doorstep: the imPRESS Press On Manicure. 

I have never experimented with false nails before and so wasn’t sure what to expect. However these nails, which consisted of vibrant red and complementing black and white polka dot shades, that I instantly fell in love with, could not have been easier to apply. All you have to do us wash your hands, wipe your nails with the prep pad, which removes substances such as oil that can prevent the false nails from adhering properly, then pull off the backing from each nail and stick them over your natural nails. Within minutes you are left with a stunning manicure. After leaving them the recommended hour to ensure they were completely stuck on, I then filed them slightly to ensure there were no rough edges. 



I imagined wearing false nails would feel quite odd and that I would be constantly aware of them, however this particular set is incredibly comfortable and I soon forgot they weren’t my natural nails. Whilst the packaging doesn’t recommend wearing longer than seven days, I would definitely use the ImPRESS Press On Manicure again as it is a quick, easy and durable solution for bold and beautiful, long lasting chip free nails. I am three days in and they look just as good as when I put them on – I’m absolutely delighted.

ImPRESS Nails will be launched exclusively into Superdrug from 26 July. 

Posted: 09/07/2017


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