The Gift of Giving 

The Belfast light switch on has taken place and the City Hall is awash with the sights and smells of Christmas now the continental market has rolled back into town. With such festive spirit in the air, my thoughts have very much turned to Christmas shopping.

I love buying for those I love. However I am the most indecisive shopper you will find. I will find something that I think someone will adore, however within five minutes I will have mentally listed every reason why they might not in fact like it. I will return it to the rack or the shelf and make my way out of the shop. Before I get to the door however, I will change my mind again and return to pick up said item before eventually buying it.

Shopping online is even worse: I have literally spent hours on end trawling through sites without making a purchase. Today I actually spent so long putting stuff in and out of my virtual basket, that my game of hokey cokey resulted in me accidentally ordering two of everything. 

As much as I get frustrated trying to buy the perfect gift, the only thing that beats the feeling when I eventually find it, is when I see the recipient open it and it being clear they love it. Neurosurgeon and author Ben Carson MD really hit the nail on the head when he said: “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”

So, as I add another tick to my shopping list, or a double tick due to my trigger happy computer mouse, I am already getting excited about wrapping and delivering my Christmas presents and hopefully they will bring happy smiles to my nearest and dearest, as there really is no better feeling.
Posted: 21/11/2016


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